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when did you start your blog?

I started in the spring of 2020, and have sense increased my reach writing on feminine energy, home, beauty, and spirituality. 

I love pole dancing or just getting into my body and feeling the vibrations. This helps to release any stuck tension and teaches me more about surrender. 

Starting a blog is a super fun but tedious experience. If you love writing and designing, this could be very ideal for you. Remember to keep at it and do not try to mimic or be like anyone else. The world needs more of exactly who you are. 

how did you get into photography?

Its always been a passion of mine, to capture beautiful magical moments!

what are your fav places to shop?

Some of my favorite stores are & Other Stories, Lulus, Grizzly Love, Eberjey, 

what is your skincare routine?

I usually swap out my cleanser every few months to keep the rotation fresh. Aside from that I am very simple. I will do cleanser > toner > moisturizer at night. In the morning, I will cleanse with water in  followed by a daytime moisturizer.