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I have spent the last ten years diving deep into cosmic divine femininity and goddess-hood. I am now sharing all of that knowledge with you so that you too may bring a greater level of beauty and wellness into your life.

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Self care activities can literally change your life. I swear by them. Self care can literally make your self love go from “eh I think I am great.” to “I AM ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND MY ENERGY IS SACRED”.

“Self care”, we hear so much about this phrase, yet what does that really mean? How can we implement a tangible physical practice in our life that would actually get us to that good vibration feeling.. scars, depth and all?

For most of our lives, we have been conditioned into this way of living “go go go”, “do do do”, “take action”, “go after what you want” or as we say down here in Texas “get er done”.

This has led to numerous levels of burnout and especially when you are operating with a more feminine essence or core it can be a life that is not truly sustainable to be “on the move” all the time.

Its at that moment that we should go within and ask ourselves a valuable question.

“Why do I feel the need to always be in a hurry to do something or accomplish something?”

“Is my value rooted in what I do?” This my sisters is where the conditioning lies, secret and buried like a hidden map to our truth. 

 WE have been duped and bamboozled into thinking that unless we are out there making things happen then we have no real value as humans. However, our value lies in our essence and simply just “being”.

We are creatures of nourishment, intuition, beauty, and the giving and birthing of life. This ALONE holds infinite value.

Once we understand this core and organic truth, we can shed away the layers that tricked us to feel otherwise. 

A huge part in showing your feminine self love, is just by simply slowing down and allowing your self to recharge.

Incorporating recurring self care activities can really amp up the way you feel about your self on a daily basis.

Its also worth noting that recharging can be made even more “juicy” and fueling when you can add some “beauty dust” into it. Here are some of my methods for a “beautified recharge”.

1. Cosy it up- but make it juicy and sensual.

Seems simple enough right? Lets amp it up a bit. Find some candles you have around the home and light those babies up around you.

Three to Five is ideal but if you only have one then that is enough too. Be sure to put it in a space that is close by you.

Dim the lights, put on some silk PJ’s, find a thick blanket, pour up a cup of your favorite tea or red wine, and dive into a good book or movie. This is best served with a side of chocolate. 

2. Nature Recharge

self care activities, 5 Easy Self Care Activities to Increase Feminine Energy, Showit Blog, Showit Blog

image by Image by silviarita from Pixabay

This one is one of my favorite self care activities on a nice day when I have zero plans. Do a google search for some hiking or nature trails nearby you, grab your favorite book and playlist and get out there into nature.

I preferably like to do my reading with my phone on silent under any giant tree I can find so that I can soak in some of mother natures wisdom as trees are very ancient creatures.

This works double time as you get to enjoy the natural beauty of being in a totally green environment with no buildings and the feeling of “being off the grid”.

Nature is potent, so expect a surge in energy after being immersed for a couple hours. 

3. Express Yourself – Dance it Out

Dancing is an expressive, feminine and creative practice that puts you DIRECTLY in touch with your body. A coming home.. if you will to exactly who you are and what makes you unique and beautiful.

No one moves exactly like you do and there is no “correct way” to move your body. 

If you want to twerk it out to your favorite party song, twerk it out. If you want to be more sensual and syrupy and feel on yo self, girl you do that.

If you wanna roll around all over the floor and pretend you are in a rock video, let your imagination run wild.

The key here is to get back in touch with the feeling of being in your body and out of your head.

Dont think about it too much or try to be “on point” for an instagram post. Whichever way you are called to move, move that way!

Bonus points if you make it sensual,  more on that practice in another post. 

4. Sun bathe – near a body of water

If the weather is warm enough, find a pool or river and literally just lay there. I love getting into the water in an inter tube with no where to be and just floating along with a beverage of choice in hand.

This can also be done by just merely laying out by the pool with a good book or headphones. Simple enough right? But it works!

If you can give your self enough time to just literally lie still next to or in a beautiful body of water, you start the natural recharging process as water is already an energetically healing substance. 

5. Sexy Bath Time

Here is another tried and true recharge that goes back to the time of Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens.

In the ancient of times, it was said that Cleopatra would recharge herself and her natural beauty by doing practices such as milk baths in which she would soak to keep her skin radiating.

This practice helps you tap into your goddess nature by allowing your self the luxury to be submerged and soaked in your favorite products filled with skin soothing properties.

I love doing this with some high grade magnesium salt rocks, as magnesium is proven to help relax and lull your body to sleep.

Magnesium is also a mineral many of us are deficient in, so incorporating this into your bath routine will literally sky rocket your recharging session. You will truly feel a huge difference the next day.. trust me. Magnesium Bath Salts

To set a mood, try adding some boogie luxury candles around your bath space and light those bad boys up while you soak.

Remember that by giving your body the recharge that it needs is like the energetic equivalent of showing your self love on a deep level.

As you begin to make the space in your life to practice this more regularly, you will notice an increase in overall moral, self worth, and energy.

You are then able to present your best foot forward from a place of filling your own cup first without feeling like you have to prove or showcase anything to gain value. 

Stay loving, stay juicy, and stay uniquely you. Keep incorporating these self care activities into your routine and you will definitely see a change in how you view and value your self.

If you are looking to take your self-care practice up a notch, check out my 13 tips to Pamper Your Self Like a Queen.

If you are looking to really step into the feminine portal that lies directly within you, check out Womb Adornment. This is a complete deep dive into activating your feminine wisdom AND as a bonus healing those painful period symptoms.

In summary, always do what’s best for your lifestyle.

You are loved unconditionally by the very star dust that makes you who you are. Until next time.


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Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

5 Easy Self Care Activities to Increase Feminine Energy

May 31, 2020

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I have spent the last ten years diving deep into cosmic divine femininity and goddess-hood. I am now sharing all of that knowledge with you so that you too may bring a greater level of beauty and wellness into your life.

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